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News: DPA EU Regulatory Status
Oct 18, 2010

DPA EU Regulatory Status

Monrovia, Calif. (Oct. 18, 2010)
— The use of Diphenylamine (DPA), an important postharvest material for the treatment of scald, is being reviewed by European Union (EU) authorities. Even with this review, packers outside of the EU may continue to use DPA.

Within the EU, DPA may only be used until May 31, 2011. However, its use beyond that date is being defended by a Task Force formed by the major manufacturers, DECCO Worldwide and Pace International.

Use of DPA in the EU, and on produce being shipped to the EU, was threatened when an EU Commission declined to include the active ingredient in Annex I of the Plant Protection Products Directive (91/1414/EEC).  As a result, products containing DPA could not be sold in the EU after May 30, 2010, and end-users have until May 30, 2011, to use up stocks on hand.

For produce being processed elsewhere and shipped to EU countries, the Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) for DPA will be maintained until the EU does a review (a legal period to review MRL from those substances not included in ANNEX I of up to two years after non-inclusion). This issue affects only produce shipped to EU member states and does not affect the use of DPA in any other countries.

DECCO Worldwide is committed to preserving DPA as the one viable solution for customers where scald is a problem.  The company is taking the following actions to protect its use in the EU, and on produce shipped to the EU:

Through the Task Force, DECCO and Pace have taken all necessary steps to commission and fund the studies that will address the issues raised by the EU evaluating authorities.  The Task Force has resubmitted a dossier under the accelerated procedure in order to provide a response as soon as possible.  A similar task force in the U.S. successfully defended the re-registration of DPA by the FDA.

The Task Force has initiated legal action against the EU authorities seeking the suspension and annulment of the non-inclusion measure.

The use of DPA in the EU after May 30, 2011, may be allowed under an emergency exemption.  The emergency use in a Member State must be requested by a grower/packer at the local level; it cannot be initiated by a manufacturer/supplier.  This emergency use could allow the steady supply of DPA for up to three seasons until a favorable outcome is reached following the reevaluation.

DECCO No-Scald® DPA products are still available for sale outside of the EU.  Through its worldwide locations, DECCO stays on top of local issues to assure customers are always in compliance with regulations.  Please contact us for your postharvest product needs.

Since 1932, DECCO has been a pioneer in postharvest technology, and provides packers and growers with a full line of postharvest treatments and services to preserve the integrity of fresh-market citrus, pome fruit and stone fruits with premium-quality waxes and coatings. The company also markets cleaners and sanitizers to improve food safety in processing facilities, and postharvest fungicides to extend long-term storage. Decco US Post-Harvest, Inc., is a business unit of United Phosphorus Ltd. For information on DECCO postharvest products and services, visit or call 1.800.221.0925.