Environmental Compliance

At DECCO, the "in-process research and development" team regulates and evaluates the impact of regulations on the environment while considering the expansion of the batch process or continuous chemical plant.

Each new plan goes through a rigorous process study to ensure that it brings down the cost of production and it is in environmental compliance. The challenge for the production engineering team is to identify the most cost effective method to control emissions and effluents from a new improved process, while keeping the costs low.

Food Safety Compliance

Food safety is the focus of attention for our clients, and DECCO has a clear understanding of our integral part in their food safety programs.  Our technical service team has been trained to know what’s expected throughout the audit process. We provide information to help our customers keep in compliance with the postharvest product-handling portion of the program. Contact your technical service representative for additional information.

Download the Safe Quality Foods Certificate of Registration for DECCO US Post Harvest.